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Audit & Identity Theft Protection Services

Audit & Identity Theft Protection Services

We offer affordable audit protection and identity theft service to support you if the IRS audits your tax return or if you are a victim of identity theft.

Did you know that the expenses associated with most IRS 1040 audits cost in excess of $1,000? Protect yourself! For a modest 20 percent surcharge on your tax preparation fee, we'll provide comprehensive advice and representation if you're selected for audit.

In the case of identity theft, we will handle the paperwork with the IRS and provide you with sound guidance along the way. We will represent you in exams concerning tax returns and/or tax forms prepared by our firm, to the extent we are allowed by our professional designations. This includes correspondence from the IRS and state taxing agencies. You will remain responsible for any additional tax, penalties, and/or interest that may be assessed by taxing authorities.

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